Refined Art
Michael DiMucci , artist, holds a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts Studies & Architecture from Roger Williams University and a Masters of Arts in Teaching ( M.A.T.) from The Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). 

Michael was a member of Lime Rock Design Studio in Lincoln, RI for several years.

Mr. DiMucci is also an art teacher at TIMES² STEM Academy, a public charter school in Providence, RI where he has taught for over 14 years. As an artist/ teacher, Mr. DiMucci has completed many installations involving youth in education in partnership with VSA Arts as well as the community at large in outreach projects.

He is a CE Young Artist’s Program Instructor at RISD where he teaches several courses
in design, sculpture and drawing.

Mr. DiMucci’s personal artwork is varied from 2D to 3D work utilizing natural texture and a sense of nature in all of his work. Prints, sculptural friezes, pen & ink, & pastel drawings comprise the majority of Michael’s studio work.  Michael’s print series, entitled, “IMPRINTING NATURE” embodies the notion of texture throughout nature with handmade patterns and stencils multiple applications of translucent and luminescent glazes. The series includes over 15 original “print paintings” and are currently for sale.

His latest body of work is a series of “three-dimensional sculptural paintings” based on the root systems of cypress trees. The work consists of plaster relief sculptures mounted to hardboard and hand-finished with deep glazes and metallic overtones.
Blue Beach Grass $150
Rectangle Abstract with Texture $100
Large Silver Abstract $275
Cypress Roots $375